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About me

After studying digital arts and interactivity at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and fascinated by the light and the infinite possibilities of this unique “material” Jean Baptiste Pacucci followed several trainings to learn all the newest lightning, scenography and video projection technologies.
To always be at the forefront of what is best in this area, he remains constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and technological innovations.

His ability to think forward and his technical capabilities in design, creation, and integration of light and video make him an experienced designer specialized in live music, Television, Theatre and Opera.


Our services offering ranges from Concept design to running the show.
Just check out all of the service lists below to get a general idea
of what we are capable of delivering.

    • Lighting design
    • Show design
    • Video design


    • 3D Visualisation
    • Video content
    • Studio programming


    • Programmer
    • Operator


    • Lighting desk
    • Media Server
    • Networking
    • Creative software


    • Art research
    • Architectural lighting
    • Product testing
    • LED integration
    • Laser technologie



We work with the high-end hardware and software for creating your visual and your light.
That is the best way to visualize your show, feel sensation and create emotion.

  • All the control range and Media servers

    MA Lighting
  • One of the best visualizer software

  • D3 Technologies
  • Arkaos pro

    Arkaos MediaMaster